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  • Ripping Yarns

    26 octobre 2021

    From Batley to the Bahamas, Robert Palmer's distinctive and diverse music has provided a refreshing alternative to mainstream pop. Or is that just a polite way of saying he hasn't had a hit lately? The legend International Musician finally finds gainful...

  • Pop Singer is Mr. Elegance

    03 novembre 2009

    Robert Palmer may be the Cary Grant of the music business. Like Grant, he has an elegant manner, look and delivery. His music intrigues the listener with its seeming simplicity and pulsating rhythms. Palmer has managed to mix the new with old standards,...

  • Moon Martin Interview

    26 avril 2013

    Robert Palmer recorded your song, Bad Case Of Loving You, which charted well. How did this recording with Robert Palmer come about? At that time, my publishing company was one of the top publishing companies. I had Bad Case Of Loving You and Rolene and...

  • The Place That Changed Me

    26 février 2013

    Twenty-five years ago the rock star found Japan impenetrable. Twenty-four visits later the etiquette and send of dignity keep him coming back When I first went to Japan, nearly 25 years ago, one of the first words I learnt was gaijin, the Japanese for...

  • Robert Palmer

    15 juin 2010

    Meeting Robert Palmer is an intimidating experience. A pugnacious manager opens the door and leads us to a living room filled with people - Palmer's son and daughter, his wife, and the man himself, looking dapper in brown leather shoes and a blue Savile...

  • From The Archives: Robert Palmer

    20 septembre 2013

    In December 2002 I was working for the BBC’s Top of The Pops website. Mostly I wrote silly pieces of content, like Top 5 Most Depressing Depeche Mode lyrics, or the three news stories that the site used to publish every day. But then I was asked if I’d...

  • Compass Point All Stars: Quand Le Meilleur Groupe Du Monde Se Trouvait Aux Bahamas

    29 juin 2021

    Il y a quarante ans, Chris Blackwell, fondateur d'Island Records, recrutait la crème des musiciens (Sly et Robbie ...) pour enregistrer avec Grace Jones dans son studio de Nassau, aux Bahamas. Et créait ainsi les Compass Point All Stars, qui virent affluer...

  • Compass Point Story

    15 décembre 2021

    The exceptional quality and particular circumstances of a handful of recording studios have leant them the status of legend. Some have a readily identifiable sound, such as Abbey Road, where the Beatles recorded most of their work, or the 30th Street...

  • Compass Point Story (part IV)

    15 décembre 2021

    As Tom Tom Club were getting their act together, cockney-styled singer Ian Dury and his longstanding song-writing partner, Chaz Jankel appeared in Studio A to record Lord Upminster with Sly and Robbie and keyboardist Tyrone Downey, a regular member of...

  • Compass Point Story (part V)

    15 décembre 2021

    “The only one session that never work out, that ego cause the album to flop, was James Brown” laments Steven Stanley. “Chris Blackwell wanted Sly and Robbie producing James Brown, Alex Sadkin was the engineer and co-producer; it was a great idea. In Studio...

  • Compass Point Story (part II)

    15 décembre 2021

    According to Badarou, the sessions had a pitifully slow and chaotic start. “Upon arrival, Barry and I were put into a big house, but there was no one around but us for days—no Grace, no Chris, no Sly, no Robbie. Then they all came up, two by two. Alex...

  • Compass Point Story (part III)

    15 décembre 2021

    What do you get from the following ingredients? An itinerant non-musician playing a keyboard upside down, three singing sisters not necessarily trained in harmony, an inverted bass line and clandestine handclaps. The answer, obviously, is a hit record...

  • Articles 1990s

    27 août 2010

    Robert Palmer Is Mr. Variety Pittsburgh Press - 1991 Robert Palmer Mellows Out Orange Coast Magazine - 1993 Feature On Robert Palmer nc - 1994 Robert Palmer On Lee Perry nc - 1994 The Power Station Biography extrait du kit de presse officiel -1996 Palmer...

  • The Power Station Biography

    11 avril 2022

    Chance and circumstance played a major part in the formation of The Power Station in 1985, but it took a more determined approach to re-form the group in 1993 and co-create a new album, Living In Fear. In 1985, Andy taylor and John Taylor, both then members...

  • Robert Palmer On Lee Perry

    05 juillet 2021

    By the late 70s Lee Perry's reggae productions had become remarkably popular not only with Britain's West Indian populations but with a significant number of whites. A telling array of white rock stars tried to work with perry including Paul and Linda...

  • Session photos 1999

    14 mars 2007 ( #robert-palmer )

    Robert Palmer dans les rues de Milan (Italie)

  • Session Photos 1980

    28 janvier 2022

  • Galeries

    25 février 2022

    Nouvelles galeries en HD! / New galleries in HD! Galerie 1 Galerie 2 Galerie 3 Galerie 4 Galerie 5 Galerie 6 Galerie 7 Galerie 8 Galerie 9 Galerie 10 Galerie 11

  • The Rock Trenches: Journal Of A Music Industry Executive

    29 avril 2022

    Titre : The Rock Trenches: Journal Of A Music Industry Executive Auteur : Phillip Rauls Date de publication : 2016 Editeur : Sartoris Literary Group Type : Essai Les mémoires d'un cadre de l'industrie musicale, agent de promotion des labels Stax, Atlantic...

  • Not A Second Time

    17 décembre 2021

    Robert Palmer - Not A Second Time Titre : Not A Second Time Ecrit par : J. Lennon / P. McCartney Première publication : Sur l'album Clues (1980) You know you made me cry I see no use in wondering why I cried for you And now you've changed your mind I...

  • Jealous

    07 janvier 2022

    Robert Palmer - Jealous Titre : Jealous Ecrit par : J. Allen Première publication : Sur l'album Secrets (1979) Jealous, jealous, When I see you with that guy And he catches your pretty eye You know it makes we want to die And I'm left out to dry You know...

  • What's It Take?

    07 janvier 2022

    Robert Palmer - What's It Take? Titre : What's It Take? Ecrit par : R. Palmer Première publication : Sur l'album Secrets (1979) You're lonely - can I see you? I hire a private red-eye rocket But when I walk in here You wanna go through all my pockets...

  • Pressure Drop

    10 janvier 2022

    Robert Palmer - Pressure Drop Titre : Pressure Drop Ecrit par : F. Hibbert Première publication : Sur l'album Pressure Drop (1975) It is you, oh yeah It is you, oh yeah I say pressure drop, pressure drop Pressure's gonna drop on you I say pressure drop,...

  • Scared

    11 janvier 2022

    The Power Station - Scared Titre : Scared Ecrit par : R. Palmer / A. Taylor / J. Taylor / T. Thompson Première publication : Sur l'album Living In Fear (1996) Scared You never said you'd love me like you do You said you'd never hurt me like you do You...

  • Happiness

    11 janvier 2022

    Robert Palmer - Happiness Titre : Happiness Ecrit par : R. Palmer Première publication : Sur l'album Don't Explain (1990) Take a gamble with your heart Take a chance on happiness Odds are on your better half You'll be glad you placed the bet Think it...

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