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  • Robert Palmer

    26 février 2013

    Hot hooks and great looks add up to N°1 (finally) for suave crooner Robert Palmer There's just an hour left before Robert Palmer is due at a late afternoon sound check for this evening's sold-out concert. Across the room in his hotel suite, a slowly deflating...

  • Ripping Yarns (part II)

    26 octobre 2021

    Riptide is the brand new Robert Palmer album and the reason for him sharing his views with International Musician . In addition to some astonishing sounds the album's biggest boast is the quality of the vocal. "I really concentrated very hard on my voice...

  • The Romantic Rocker

    28 juin 2012

    Savvy - that's what makes Robert Palmer tick. The rocker who's known for his immaculate sartorial style has been in the business long enough to know what's hot in the music market these days. And he has finally hit upon winning formula that's best displayed...

  • Feature On Robert Palmer

    06 novembre 2009

    If you detect an aroma of romantic sweetness on Robert Palmer's new album Honey, there's a reason for it. The British-born, Malta-raised and Switzerland-based singer and songwriter has a new love in his life. "That's her on the cover," beams Palmer, pointing...

  • Robert Palmer: Still Looking For Clues

    30 novembre 2012

    What music are you currently grooving to? Ry Cooder's Mambo Sinuendo. You can just let it run. It's like kitsch visits Hawaii. I like Kelly Rowland's album, a lot of Django Reinhardt, and also Mercedes, which I know is pretty old. It's black American...

  • Robert Palmer, 54, Singer With Image Of A Pop Romeo

    19 août 2010

    Robert Palmer, a debonair English singer who channeled his fondness for American rock and soul into a string of hits in the 1970's and 80's, died yesterday in Paris. He was 54 and had resided in Switzerland. The cause was a heart attack, said his publicist,...

  • Robert Palmer: The Island Years

    15 juillet 2013

    It's immensely egotistical of me, but it's great that finally, a mere decade after I did some work, I can see the results. In early 2004, following a random discussion about how no one seemed remotely interested in the late Robert Palmer's back catalogue,...

  • The Brilliant Stupidity Of Robert Palmer’s 1986 No. 1 Hit ‘Addicted To Love’

    27 juillet 2021

    Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love — which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 35 years ago — is best known for its brilliantly idiotic video, which features the singer performing in front of five stunning mannequin-like models bearing vapid facial expressions...

  • Robert Palmer Was The O.G. Sharp-Dressed Rock Star

    24 février 2022

    The musician wore a suit as naturally as any 1930s movie star. One of the most striking trends in rock stardom these days is the return of male dandyism, spearheaded by Harry Styles. Lil Nas X and Tyler the Creator are committed to fashion as a big part...

  • Finding My Voice

    15 février 2013

    Titre : Finding My Voice: My Autobiography Auteur : Elkie Brooks Date de publication : 2012 Editeur : The Robson Press (UK) Type : Essai Les mémoires de la célèbre chanteuse anglaise qui partagea la scène avec Robert Palmer au début des années 1970 au...

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    15 février 2010 ( #robert-palmer )

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  • Albums hommages

    21 mars 2006 ( #robert-palmer )

    Titre : Shared Vision : The Songs Of The Beatles Date de publication : 1994 Label : Mercury Morceau : Not A Second Time Titre : The Glory Of Gershwin Date de publication : 1994 Label : Polygram Morceau : I Got Rhythm Titre : The Ray Davies Songbook Date...

  • Nigthlife With David Brenner (1986)

    05 mai 2011 ( #robert-palmer )

    Enregistrement de l'émission américaine Nightlife avec David Brenner (été 1986)

  • Rock Over London

    22 octobre 2009 ( #robert-palmer )

    Titre : Rock Over London Date de publication : 1985 (UK) Label : nc Type : Album promo Emission radiophonique à l'occasion de la sortie de l'album The Power Station avec interview de Robert Palmer et John Taylor.

  • Off The Record

    22 octobre 2009 ( #robert-palmer )

    Titre : Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner Date de publication : 1985 (US) Label : Westwood One Type : Album promo Emission radiophonique à l'occasion de la sortie de l'album The Power Station avec interview du groupe.

  • Sampler

    05 mars 2010 ( #robert-palmer )

    Titre : Sampler Date de publication : 1986 Label : Island Type : Simple promo Morceaux : 1. Johnny And Mary 2. You Are In My System 3. Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) 4. Every Kinda People

  • Innerview

    28 mai 2009 ( #robert-palmer )

    Titre : Jim Ladd Hosts Innerview Date de publication : 1976 (US) Label : nc Type : Album promo Emission radiophonique avec interview de l'artiste.

  • The Power Station

    30 avril 2008 ( #robert-palmer )

    Titre : The Power Station Date de publication : 1986 Editeur : Wise Publications Type : Recueil de partitions Sommaire : 1. Some Like It Hot 2. Murderess 3. Lonely Tonight 4. Communication 5. Get It On (Bang A Gong) 6. Go To Zero 7. Harvest For The World...

  • The Alan Bown! + Dada (1970)

    06 avril 2009 ( #robert-palmer )

    The Alan Bown! Dada

  • Irresistibly

    20 mars 2006 ( #robert-palmer )

    Titre : Irresistibly Date de publication : 1999 (UE) Label : Eagle Type : Album promo Morceaux : 1. True Love (edit) 2. Every Kinda People (remix) 3. She Makes My Day 4. Johnny And Mary 5. Stone Cold 6. Simply Irresistible 7. Addicted To Love (edit)

  • The Power Station : Video EP

    26 avril 2006 ( #robert-palmer )

    Titre : The Power Station : Video EP Date de publication : 1985 Label : EMI Format : VHS / LD Clips : 1. Some Like It Hot 2. Get It On (Bang A Gong) 3. Communication

  • Riptide

    26 avril 2006 ( #robert-palmer )

    Titre : Riptide Date de publication : 1986 Label : RCA / Columbia Format : VHS Clips : 1. Riptide 2. Addicted To Love 3. Discipline Of Love 4. I Didn't Mean To Turn You On

  • Simply Palmer

    21 août 2006 ( #robert-palmer )

    Titre : Simply Palmer Date de publication : 1988 (US) Label : EMI Type : Album promo Interview de l'artiste à l'occasion de la sortie de l'album Heavy Nova Morceaux : 1. Interview with Dan Neer (questions and answers) 2. Interview Show (answers only)

  • The Alan Bown! + Dada (1970)

    08 juin 2012

    The Alan Bown! Dada

  • Rock Stars

    13 juillet 2009

    Titre : Rock Stars Date de publication : 1988 (US) Label : Radio Today Entertainment Type : Album promo Emission radiophonique avec interview de l'artiste par Wayne Robins à propos de l'album Heavy Nova et diverses chansons.

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