Robert Palmer Explains... Don't Explain

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Titre : Robert Palmer Explains... Don't Explain

Date de publication : 1990 (Canada)

Label : Capitol / EMI Canada

Type : Album promo 


Morceaux :

1. An overview of the album 

2. How most of his songs don't sound dated

3. How he got involved with African rhythms

4. The song History from the Don't Explain album 

5. The song You're So Desirable from Don't Explain

6. How he prefers working with good musicians in the studio

7. How the songs on Don't Explain were done quickly

8. How Don't Explain is everything he wanted to be 

9. His success

10. How he cares more for content than style in music 

11. About working with Little Feat and The Meters on the album Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley

12. About working with Teo Macero on the album Don't Explain 

13. How his 1988 hit Simply Irresistible came about in studio

14. About whether he handled rock songs differently than ballads 

15. About the song You're Amazing from Don't Explain

16. More about the song You're Amazing 

17. Why he can't explain Don't Explain

18. The Marvin Gaye medley Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) / I Want You 

19. Recording I'll Be Your Baby Tonight with UB40

20. About the title track from the Don't Explain album

21. The song Light Years from Don't Explain 

22. The song You Can't Get Enough Of A Good Thing

23. The song Aeroplane from the Don't Explain album 

24. Robert Palmer introduces You're Amazing 

25. Robert Palmer Holiday ID


Interview de l'artiste à l'occasion de la sortie de l'album Don't Explain


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