TV Dinners

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Titre : TV Dinners

Ecrit par : F. Beard / B. Gibbons / D. Hill

Première publication : Sur l'album Drive (2003)

Paroles :

TV dinners, there's nothing else to eat
TV dinners, they really can't be beat
I like 'em frozen but you understand
I throw 'em in and wave 'em and I'm a brand new man, oh yeah!
TV dinners, they're goin' to my head
TV dinners, my skin is turnin' red
Twenty year old turkey in a thirty year old tin
I can't wait until tomorrow and thaw one out again, oh yeah!
TV dinners, I'm feelin' kinda rough
TV dinners, this one's kinda tough
I like the enchiladas and the teriyaki too

I even like the chiken if the sauce is not too blue
And they're mine, all mine
And they sure look fine...

TV Dinners

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