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messages-head par vous 10.11.2012
Hello Olivier! 
Congratulations for your website, which is a goldmine for a fan of Robert like me. You helped me to reconstitute his entire discography, my original albums having been dispersed as a result of leaving family... I never get tired of photo galleries, and your items are well documented... I can not start a day without listening to one of Robert's songs, it would be day without light. Today I'm surprised that no record store in my area (Eastern France) can order or reserve the two CD-boxes (EMI reissues in November 2012) for me... Would you know where is the problem? Maybe I'm too hurry, or my record stores not yet informed? I am still hopeful, but a little bit worried... Thankfully, you're there to make us wait. Thanks again.
Best regards,



Hello Rose,
Thank you for these kind words. I guess we'll have to wait for these two double-disc sets to get their official UK release on November, 19th before ordering them as imports
Best regards, 

messages-head par vous 06.06.2012
I'd like to congratulate you with this fantastic website. Robert was one of the artists that I have admired since the eighties. Recently, I found one of his numbers on a compilation CD and he really blew me out of my pants. Unfortunately, he died much too young...
Kind regards,

Marc (Belgium)   


Hello Marc,
Thank you for your appreciation. It is good to see that Robert still has many fans around the world

messages-head par vous 17.01.2012
Hi from nothern Italy! 
I really appreciate your site: Mr. Palmer desserves it, yes!
Do you know if there's someone who owns bootlegs, willing to share them in private ways?
Thanks in advance,


messages-head par vous 07.01.2012
I am so sorry my French is not so good, but I just wanted to tell you how much I adore your Robert Palmer site - it is wonderful!
I was also wondering if you have larger version available of some of the later promotional photos (1999-2003) - the thumbnails look great, but it would be fantastic too see full-sized versions.
Merci beaucoup - thank you one again for this amazing site!



Hi Sinéad,
Merci à toi - thanks for your appreciation and for these nice words in French.
All the pictures on the site have been collected from various sources since 2005. From the beginning, I have decided to upload them at a rather small size because the space was then limited. I am sorry to tell you that I no longer have larger version of these promo photos, except for a few of them which you can already find on the site.
Regards and best wishes for 2012! 


messages-head par vous 30.07.2011
Thanks for sharing such a great tune (Say You Will). To stumble across material I have not heard is a rare treat indeed.
Please continue to share more material.

Robert Bouey   


Hi Robert,
Nick Wood, who co-wrote and produced Say You Will, has re-worked on the song in December 2010. The new version is said to be "much stronger, a little more Blues, more energetic and powerful, with a live band, drums, bass, guitars, piano, Hammond, and of course the incredible Robert Palmer vocals." The track will probably be included on Wood's forthcoming album.


messages-head par vous 09.07.2011
Bravo et merci. 
Mes remerciements pour avoir créé ce site plus qu'exhaustif à la mémoire du très regretté Robert Palmer. Les artistes de sa trempe, élégants, distingués, talentueux, humbles se font si rares de nos jours!

messages-head par vous 30.06.2011
Hello Olivier, 
How nice these interviews! Even if they are old, I enjoyed a lot listening to them. Thanks for sharing! I visit your site/blog often and, I must say, you do a great job on maintaining RP's memory alive. Bravo and keep doin' it!

Ignez (Sicily)   

messages-head par vous 21.06.2011
Thank you for finding and posting my 1996 interview for the L.A. Daily News with Robert (Palmer Likes Being In Funk) in which we mostly talked about his first three solo albums, - which he agreed represented his best work. I loved meeting Robert because I have always loved those albums - his good taste in collaborating with The Meters, Little Feat's Lowell George, New York session guitarist Cornell Dupree and London blue-eyed soul greats Alan Spenner, Jim Mullen and Neil Hubbard, was inspirational. 
I was surprised to see on your list of tours that Robert never toured behind those first three albums - but actually, he did. Jody Linscott, who played percussion with Kokomo (Spenner, Hubbard, Mullen in the early-'70s) told me she went on the road with Robert behind either Pressure Drop or Some People Can Do What They Like. Also, after the release of Sneakin' Sally, I seem to remember seeing ads in industry rags like Billboard and Cashbox listing gigs. I was wondering - do you have access to any tapes of those days? Anything from around the time of those first three solo albums? Any idea where I might find them? I wonder if Robert ever played any gigs with the members of Little Feat - I'm sure he did.
Anyway, thank you for this terrific resource. Good work!!

Fred Shuster (music critic L.A. Daily News)  

Many thanks for these kind words on the site which has been a hobby for me for the past five years. It is a shame that such a talented artist does not have a proper site and I hope that this one pleases the fans...
In response to your question: of course, Robert Palmer toured the US in support of each of his first three solo albums. The reason why it is not documented on the site is the lack of information about those tours (dates, venues, musicians, set list, etc). Maybe some fans could help...
You can find a good transcription from a 1976 concert in Middletown, CT via Wolfgang's Vault. It features 11 tracks (including the Sneakin' Sally medley and an astonishing 18-minute version of Work To Make It Work), plus the sound quality is excellent. You can even buy it.
Hoping this will help, thanks again for posting,

messages-head par vous 07.04.2011
Hi there, 
I hail from the Republic of Singapore and over the last Sunday I went to Roxy records and trading over there and I bought Secrets and Heavy Nova on the MC format... Yes, they still do sell it here! Boy, I am glad I bought them! Also, chance upon this website while looking for Duran Duran and Power Station on the net... Thank you for all the pics, files and info! Really good work there! Please, keep up the fabulous work done so far! I will visit regularly to get more on this great artist! RIP RP.

"ne aup"   


"She's got a date for lunch in Singapore, holds stock in IBM and hates Dior..." Remember the song Hyperactive from RP's 1985 album Riptide?
Anyway, thank you "ne aup" for visiting this site regularly.

messages-head par vous 26.12.2010
I want to thank you for making this website... 
I have never, until now, found a website dedicated to Robert Palmer with as much information and photos/videos/extras as this one has... I am a huge fan of RP. Unfortunately, I discovered his music long after his death (R.I.P.) .... His music is so unique and doesn't fit any genre, which is just one of the many reasons I love it! So handsome and stylish to the very core he was, if only there were more men in this world like Robert Palmer... I really wish that he had not died so early in his life... He is dearly missed by many, including me.



Hi Brianne,
Thank you for these kind words and best wishes for 2011.

messages-head par vous 14.04.2010
25 years since Riptide came out! That is scary. I was 14 years old then. I was a casual RP fan at the time but in the last year or so I have really began to appreciate his music. My interest was revived by a You Tube clip of him singing I Want You on the Arsenio show. A masterclass performance.
The official Palmer site is very poor but you have made up for it. It's good to know that other people appreciate style and substance.
Best regards,


messages-head par vous 13.04.2010
Congratulations on the website.
Robert Palmer is one of the most underrated artists of all time. I cannot think of any contemporary British singer who has his range now. Bring on the remasters. I've just bought 3 of his albums on Amazon and the sound quality is frankly insulting. That's all.
Hello to all fellow travellers.



Hi Simon,
Thanks for your appreciation. 2010 marks the 30th anniversary of Clues (in August) and the 25th anniversary of Riptide (in October). Universal should really take this opportunity to launch a reissue campaign of Palmer's rich catalog.

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