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Titre : Riptide

Ecrit par : W. Donaldson / G. Kahn

Première publication : Sur l'album Riptide (1985)

« I really concentrated very hard on my voice for this album ('Riptide'). I spent 18 months experimenting at home. Developing my baritone. Sort of choosing tunes to sing like 'You're My Thrill', the Billie Holiday song, 'Autumn Leaves', to work on vibrato and control »   

Paroles :

Riptide, caught in a riptide
Torn between two loves
The old and the new
Riptide, lost in a riptide
Where will it take me?
What shall I do?
My heart is tossed
On a sea of emotion

One love offers romance
The other devotion
The new love is calling
The old love is pleading

I'm caught in a riptide
What shall I do? 


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