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messages-head par vous 06.02.2010
Thank you so much for the track (Hello Josephine). Hugely appreciated!

Steve Caldwell 

messages-head par vous 26.11.2009
Hi Olivier,
Thank you very much for this track/snippet, what else can I say then that I'd love to hear the full version?! Robert stays close to the original, but there's nothing wrong with that.
Perhaps you could check with Palmer's estate what they are going to do with those tracks? If anything at all..., right now all that is being released are various Greatest Hits collections, not particular interesting to put it mildly!
By the way, have you any idea with what happened with the reissue plans of the Island Records albums? The first 3 were shown on Amazon last year or so, remastered with bonus tracks, but then suddenly disappeared...
Anyway, keep up the good work.
Best regards,


messages-head par vous 23.11.2009
I thought Drive was an excellent album, so I'd love to hear some more tracks from that album.
By the way, you've made an excellent blog for RP fans like me!


messages-head par vous 09.11.2009
Je serais curieux d'entendre cet inédit d'un chanteur que j'ai suivi dès le début de sa carrière. J'ai eu l'occasion de le croiser à Paris il y a quelques années... Il est parti trop tôt.
Merci d'avance et bravo pour ce site qui nous maintient tous en contact avec Robert.


messages-head par vous 04.11.2009
What a great blog!!!
I have the Early In The Morning American mix. I know that there's another version included as b-side of It Could Happen To You (UK release). I just saw here there's another one that says "New mixes". I hear one version with more "beat" than the American one. Can you please tell if that could be the Wake-Up mix. What does the "new mixes" include?



Hi Joseph,
This 3-track US promo CD called Early In The Morning - The New Mixes includes the single version, the 12" Get-Up mix (also available on the UK CD release of It Could Happen To You) and the West Coast mix.


messages-head par vous 23.10.2009
Thank you so much for your sending me  the link. I was very enjoyed to listen it.
Your great work for RP's web site, not only a lot of his fans including me but also RP would be much appreciate it. Again say, thank you!

Sonia (Japan)  
messages-head par vous 19.10.2009
I think this is a great cover. Thanks for sharing. Would be great to hear the others in complete form. Will try to listen to the original now!

messages-head par vous 05.10.2009
Hi Olivier,
I am part of the thread about the Drive promo CD... Is it possible to get into contact in order to trade or something for the mp3 or wav versions of these? I am dying to hear them. I'm such a big Palmer fan.
All the best,


I do have an extremely rare CD-R featuring an unfinished version of the Drive album, edited by Robert Palmer's longtime manager Nick Cater. It includes 5 unreleased songs in the same vein as the ones which made the final cut. I would like to share these precious recordings with all RP fans who visit the site but I do not know exactly how to do it. Maybe you can help...

messages-head par vous 18.06.2009
J'ai été attristée après la mort de Robert Palmer mais une chose est sure, c'est qu'il ne sera jamais mort dans mon coeur.


messages-head par vous 01.02.2009
Can you tell me at which cemetery in Lugano Mr Palmer is buried ? There seem to be more than one graveyard in Lugano and, next month (march 2009), on my way for work to Italy, I will be driving through Switzerland. I'd like to go and put some flowers on his grave out of respect.
Kind regards,

Peter (Belgium) 


Hi Peter,
I am sorry but, according to Palmer's family, there is no memorial in Lugano.


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