Chris Blackwell's Tribute

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Chris Blackwell's Tribute

"Robert had so much natural style and taste, seemingly in everything.
I had gone to what I remember as a rather grungy club outside London to see The Alan Bown Set, a band led by a trumpeter. My wife and myself were watching all the people coming in when this incredibly glamorous couple swept into the club; it was Robert and Sue.
When he started to sing, I couldn't believe the voice behind those looks. I signed the band really because I wanted to sign Robert. I waited through Vinegar Joe, a pretty good band (with Elkie Brooks trading vocals with Robert) but I was waiting for Robert to be ready to go solo.
When he was ready, he told me he wanted to record in New Orleans, and he knew exactly which musicians he wanted to work with. That first solo record is now considered a classic: Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley.
Robert really loved music, all kinds of music providing it was good. He turned me on to King Sunny Ade, the Nigerian artist, and The Bulgarian Folk Singers and obscure Blues artists.
We became great friends. I lured him to the Bahamas. I was there in September for a few days and was thinking so much about the times we had there. I had been out of touch with him for some times and was going to call him. A few days later, I heard the news.
I have felt a deep sadness since he was always fun. Always smart with a generous heart and one of the greatest singers who have ever entered a recording studio."

Chris Blackwell - 2004

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