The Alan Bown Set Before And Beyond

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Titre : The Alan Bown Set Before And Beyond

Auteur : Alan Bown & Jeff Bannister

Date de publication : 2007

Editeur : Banland (UK)

Type : Essai


Alan Bown et Jeff Bannister, tous deux anciens membres de The Alan Bown Set, proposent une biographie riche en images et anecdotes qui relate évidemment la carrière musicale personnelle d'Alan Bown mais évoque aussi le passage de Robert Palmer au sein du groupe entre 1969 et 1970.

The Alan Bown Set Before And Beyond

"I went to the Marquee Club 3 or 4 times a week in the 60’s and there were a handful of bands that were omnipresent. The Alan Bown Set was one of them. There was something about them that just pulled you in. They had great arrangements with great musicians playing them. They had the Soul/R&B thing down. They had a great vocalist in Jess Roden and later Robert Palmer. I remember rushing out to buy their album Technicolour Dream on the day it came out. In those days you were spoilt for choice when it came to exciting club bands. The Action, The Syn, Mark Leeman 5, so so many. I always wondered why the Alan Bown Set never made more of a dent. They were exciting to watch and wonderful to listen to. You should have been there."

Phil Collins


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