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messages-head par vous 26.09.2014
Robert, you are missed more each day... 
Love you...



11 years...


messages-head par vous 04.07.2014
Hello Olivier, Just wanted to bring to your attention an artist by the name of Ingrid Michaelson. Her music video for Girls Chase Boys mirrors Robert's Simply Irresistible with a slight twist. 
Very impressive website, great job!



Thanks for the info.


messages-head par vous 01.04.2014
En juillet 81, Robert Palmer a donné un concert à Marseille au théâtre en plein air du Pharo (j'essaierai de retrouver la date exacte). J'en garde un merveilleux souvenir.



Merci pour l'info. C'est une chance d'avoir vu Palmer sur scène à cette époque (ma préférée)...


messages-head par vous 26.09.2013
Rest in eternal peace Robert... you are ever so missed... 
Love you, your music and that ever so wonderful voice.



Needless to say, Robert Palmer is sadly missed. Wondering what would have been his next musical adventures after Drive...

messages-head par vous 05.09.2013
I'm so glad to have found a site that appreciates Robert Palmer, his talent, his performance, his style, and his smile with the pictures you have posted.
I do hope someone here in the USA or on this planet will recommend Robert to the Rock Hall of Fame. He so deserves it... It would be such a wonderful tribute to him. It seems we all miss him so much.


messages-head par vous 04.09.2013
Dear Olivier, 
I am a journalist based in London. I was interested in talking to you about Mr Palmer. It does seem a shame that he was forgotten so quickly. I wondered if you knew what had happened to his children. Do they still live in Switzerland?

Adam Luck  


Dear Mr. Luck, 
I have no contact with Palmer's family. All I know is that Robert's son Jim (James), 35, who played drums on his final album Drive, is still in the music business. He has released an EP called  Remember Makes You in 2011 on Blue Mountain Music, an independant publishing company which grew up alongside Island Records. I have no information concerning Robert's daughter, Jane, now 33.


messages-head par vous 20.08.2013
Bonjour Olivier, 
Super boulot que tu as fait là avec l'oeuvre de RP. Même si j'aime beaucoup le chanteur, je m'intéresse à la jolie choriste brune dans le clip I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, connaîtrais-tu son nom ?
Bien à toi,



Bonjour Nicolas,
Désolé mais je n'en ai aucune idée. Merci pour ton commentaire sur le site.


messages-head par vous 28.03.2013
Hi Olivier, 
Bonjour from Paris. Congrats on a really beautiful tribute site. You've done a remarkable job compiling so much great information on the very talented and much admired, and sadly missed, Robert Palmer. I can contribute a date for Robert's 1986 Addicted tour: April 16, 1986 at the Providence Performing Arts Center in Providence, RI, USA. Working at the sponsoring radio station at the time, I had the great opportunity to hang out with Robert at the end of the show. A truly memorable experience in presence of a truly exceptional man.
Best regards,



Hello Debora,
Thank you for the info.


messages-head par vous 12.02.2013
You have over the past couple of years excelled with your wondeful site. However, I am now an avid user of Tumblr as more sites dedicated to Robert appear there. I'm unsure of whether you are aware that there are lots more photos (...) Also, please look up for Craig Ciccone as he has been working on a book.
Kind regards,



Hello Stephanie,
Many thanks for the links and for this interesting article written by Palmer which is now on the site.

Kind regards, 

messages-head par vous 01.01.2013
Hello Olivier! Happy new year to you! 
2013 will mark the tenth anniversary of the departure of our dear Robert. I hope strongly that tributes will be made for him... I dream to find a book about him, biography or pictures (...) Would you have any information about this?
Thank you for your site and best wishes again,



Hello Rose,
No announcement was made about some special events around this sad anniversary but we can still hope for more reissues, a possible career spanning box set or even a biography
Best wishes for the new year! 




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