Change His Ways

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Titre : Change His Ways

Ecrit par :  R. Palmer

Première publication : Sur l'album Heavy Nova (1988)

Classement : UK#28

« I'd call these songs either comedies or overtly romantic rather than sexual. This is one of the humorous ones. It started out as a reggae but I switched round to Soweto beat with Arcadian guitars on top. I'm yodelling for some reason. Must be the result of moving to Switzerland »   

Paroles :

Deep in the jungle, he lost her favour
Another gambit - he would have made her
He gave her perfume - she use his razor
And decided to change his ways
She was a gambler - he didn't blame her
She had a dimple in her favour
At the last minute, he always chase her
And decided to change his ways

Life would be so much more exciting
If we could live it day to day
We could at least adjust the lighting
To illuminate the way

He took the loving that she'd been craving
She took advantage of the saving
It almost ruin her reputation
And decided to change his ways
She wasn't crazy 'bout his behaviour
She read it somewhere in the paper
He was seducing a ballerina
And decided to change his ways 

Change His Ways

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