It Could Happen To You

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Titre : It Could Happen To You

Ecrit par : J. Burke / J. Van Heusen  

Première publication : Sur l'album Heavy Nova (1988)

Classement : UK#71

« A Peggy Lee song which I recorded with my band before sending it to Clare Fischer. His arrangement was so good that I discarded the rhythm section. I'm singing from the bottom of my boots rather than screaming and it's the most full blown song I've recorded to date »   

Paroles :

Guard your dreams at night
Lock your heart up tight
It could happen to you
Don't count stars
Or you may stumble
Someone drops a sigh
And down you tumble
Keep an eye on spring
Run when church bells ring
It could happen to you
All I did was wonder
How your arms would be
And it happened to me

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