Can We Still Be Friends?

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Titre : Can We Still Be Friends ?

Ecrit par : T. Rundgren

Première publication : Sur l'album Secrets (1979)

Classement : US#52


We can’t play this game anymore
But can we still be friends?
Things just can’t go on like before
But can we still be friends?

We had something to learn
Now it’s time for the wheel to turn
Grains of sand, one by one
Before you know, it’s all gone

Let’s admit we made a mistake
But can we still be friends?
Heartbreak’s never easy to take
But can we still be friends?

It’s a strange sad affair
Sometimes seems like we just don’t care
Don’t waste time feeling hurt
We’ve been through hell together

Can we still get together sometimes? 
Oh, babe, can we still go on?
We awoke from our dream
Things are not always what they seem
Memories linger on
It’s like a sweet, sad, old song

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