Best Of Both Worlds

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Titre : Best Of Both Worlds

Ecrit par : R. Palmer  

Première publication : Sur l'album Double Fun (1978)

« I first recorded this for the 'Double Fun' album with Lee Perry at his Black Ark studio in Kingston, Jamaica. I vividly remember all the zealouts showed up to vibe me out. Both Lee and I thought it was rather silly but laughing was out of the question. Anyway, with these flies hanging around the version I cut was just too abstract. So, later on I re-did it with Tom Moulton in Philadelphia »   

Paroles :

We want the best of both worlds
We want it slow and hot
We like to taste revenge, yeah
But we can't waste the shot

We want to see from both sides
We like it cool and fast
We want to get it over
We like to make it last

Keep it on
Getting closer
The best of both worlds
Double fun
We'll make the most, girl
To get the best of both worlds

We must obey the law
What good's a place to stand up
Without a place to fall?
Two and one
Fast and slow
Yeah, the best of both worlds

Double fun
I'd like to now propose a toast
To the best of both worlds

I think about the war that is no fight at all
I think about the peace that is a fight for all
The best of both worlds

Keep it on
Fast and slow girl
The best of both worlds
Tight as a drum, loose as a gun holster
Yeah, it's getting closer

Why do we waste our breath, child
On what we like the most?
Seeing as we've wound up here
We ought to do them both

Back and forth
We get the most, yeah
The best of both worlds
South and north
I'd like to now propose a toast
To the best of both worlds

Best Of Both Worlds

La chanson a été reprise en 1987 par le groupe de filles anglais Mint Juleps (produit par l'inévitable trio des années 80 Stock Aitken Waterman) sur la face B de certaines éditions de leur simple maxi et CD Every Kinda People (une autre reprise de RP) / The song was covered in 1987 by English girls band Mint Juleps (produced by the '80s inevitable trio Stock Aitken Waterman) on the B-side of some editions of their 12" and CD single Every Kinda People (another RP cover).

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